Why Video Ad has More Conversion Rates than Static Image Ad?

Video Ads

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Before starting advertising campaign it is important to know which creative ad will provide best result. The possibilities are endless when it comes to digital campaigns. You need to make many decisions. What should be the format? Will this font size be fine? Are the colors comfortable yet attractive?
Above all, which creative will give good conversion rate, static or video? Well, this post is all about this last part. They say a picture is worth of thousand words, if that’s a catch then how many words would a video say? I will leave the Maths to you.
Video advertising, especially the online video ads, is more accessible and result driven than ever and growing stronger by very passing year. Here are the reasons which make video ad more conversion driven than static image ad:

Richer Viewing Experience 
Video ads are more distinctive as they provide richer entertainment value, information, and educate customers in better way. It defiantly leaves long lasting impression on customers then the static Image ads. Through Video ads you can experiment with your creativity as you have ample space which is restricted in Static Image ads. There are several examples of successful video ads one of which is Guinness’ ‘Cloud: Made of More’

Everyone Love Videos
What could be the better storyteller then a creative video? Video makes information easy to understand and much digestible for customers. If you have your viewer’s attention then selling your brands could be very easy.
Today, 87% of online marketers use video content that’s not all if users have positive experience with a video Ad then the purchase probabilities rice up to 97%.

In conclusion 
It is undeniable – Video Ads are the most effective way of branding and marketing and definitely have better conversion rates then the static images. Videos are the perfect cocktail to boost conversion rates if they are versatile and creative with clear message. If you are not using Video ads then it’s high time now because you are missing a potential marketing method for better conversion.

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